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This Web Site was initially created in December of 2006 for the purpose of providing an input to State and Local Officials of the State of Florida for evaluation of Ad Volurem Tax Reform in the year 2007 as provided for by the state constitution.

It is believed things can not be properly reformed if one does not know what's broke

Therefore, Without Offense to Friends or Foes we Tell it the Way it Goes

The links listed below are examples of inconsistencies and other curious property
assessments which reflect the inequities and short comings of Ad Volurem taxes
Same Location -- Three 19 Acre Parcels - Three Drastically Different Assessments
$1,100 an acre for 11 acres on paved street - $7,500 for 10 acres in the Boone Docks
$100,000.00 an acre difference in assessments on opposite sides of the street.
The Annual Land Scam Sponsored by the State of Florida
State Statute or Incompetency - It's Still Discrimination
Brevard County - Volusia County - Is This Same State ??
The Parking Lot Escapade and how the State Aides the Scammers
Presentation before Brevard County State Legislative Delegation - December 19, 2006
2001 tru 2006 Tax Income History - Brevard County, Florida
State Tax Reform Committee's December 2006 Report and Other Info

Suggestions and Consideration
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Thought for the Day
 If vacant land has become so essential to the environment that state and local governments are compelled to create special taxes to buy up vacant land, then has not the case been made that all vacant land should be exempt from taxation as an incentive to keep it vacant.

Is it fair that 400 acres of land in it's natural state pays $45,000.00 in property taxes while the adjoining 400 acres of agriculture land which dumps animal waste into our rivers pays only $400.00 in property taxes.

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